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3.2.5 - RT 5: Overcoming the Food Security and Nutrition Roadblocks in Social Protection Responses to COVID-19

The Round-tables allowed organisations working in the field of social protection to propose their topics of interest and engage in an open discussion with experts, while also involving the audience. In these virtual round-tables, current pressing topics derived from experiences with the COVID-19 crisis were discussed by selected experts with a focus on the future of social protection.

This session focused on the obstacles, social protection programmes and national systems face in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, to effectively respond to increased levels of vulnerability to hunger and malnutrition, which perpetuate vicious cycles of poverty. Discussions touched on: a) the necessity to build or improve multi-sector coalitions since improving food security and nutrition requires a complex interaction of multi-sector interventions; b) a call for all social protection porgrammes to include food security, nutrition and WASH objectives as a minimum; c) the need for good data including on adequacy of support to address nutritional needs – among many other topics.  

The country cases discussed in more detail in this RT include Ethiopia, Botswana and Pakistan. 

"I implore participants to reflect on a vision that recognises the essential role food security and nutrition play in social protection as we continue the conversation in our organisations, countries and communities"  - H.M. King Letsie III of Lesotho.  

"The pandemic is a wake up to the reality to urban  population vulnerabilities" - Prof. Richard Mkandawire, Chairperson of National Planning Commission, Malawi.  

"The need to strengthen [social protection systems] has never been so widely accepted and the opportunity must be taken" - Stephen Devereux, Institute of Development Studies.

Speakers: His Majesty King Letsie III, Sania Nishtar, Ergogie Tesfaye, Richard Mkandawire, Gerda Verburg, Lawrence Haddad, Stephen Devereux, Michael Samson, Boitshepo “Bibi” Giyose, Purnima Menon, Deborah Ash, John Hoddinott, Olivier de Schutter, Saskia de Pee, Daniel Gilligan, Aullo Gelli 

Moderators: Lola Castro; Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia; Sarah Laughton; Kathryn Ogden; Christopher Turton 

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