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3.2.2 - RT 2: Older people's livelihoods and social protection during COVID-19 and beyond

The Round-tables allowed organisations working in the field of social protection to propose their topics of interest and engage in an open discussion with experts, while also involving the audience. In these virtual round-tables, current pressing topics derived from experiences with the COVID-19 crisis were discussed by selected experts with a focus on the future of social protection.

Older people are particularly at risk in the wake of the current pandemic, as the risk of serious illness and death increases with age. But the crisis has also increased the socio-economic vulnerabilities of the elderly population. Many are facing difficulties accessing emergency cash transfers due to physical or digital challenges. The round-table discussed what social protection practitioners can do to ensure that those hardest hit by the virus are not pushed (further) into poverty. Panellists concluded that universal pension coverage is needed to build back better. An important point that was highlighted is the fact that the impact of COVID-19 is felt differently by older women and men with older women bearing the brunt of the social and economic impacts. The pandemic was framed as an opportunity for building up more gender-responsive and age-sensitive social protection systems. 

Insightful country cases elaborated in more detail during this session include China, Thailand and Korea. 

See also this brief on the topic. 

Speakers: Nuno Cunha, Aura Sevilla, Rosita Lacson  

Moderator: Florian Juergens 

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