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3.2.12 - RT 12: Economic Inclusion for the Poorest in times of COVID: The potential to Scale through Social Protection Systems

The Round-tables allowed organisations working in the field of social protection to propose their topics of interest and engage in an open discussion with experts, while also involving the audience. In these virtual round-tables, current pressing topics derived from experiences with the COVID-19 crisis were discussed by selected experts with a focus on the future of social protection.

In this session, the expert panel provided a glimpse of the changing landscape around economic inclusion – featuring safety net, graduation and productive inclusion initiatives. The panel took stock of recent trends and innovations, country experiences in scaling up economic inclusion via existing safety net systems and experiences in linking these investments to the local economy as part of the COVID-19 response. Panelists also provided an outlook on ways to leverage economic inclusion programmes in the recovery phase to make sure that no one is left behind and discussed what is needed to ensure their sustainability and effectiveness beyond the crisis.  A fruitful discussion about the political dynamics and  coordination efforts of governments and development partners to scale up social protection systems ensued.

There is so much loaded on social protection systems, like a Christmas tree. COVID has made it clear that there should have been a broader mandate in place, in terms of coordination and collaboration between various ministries […]. There needs to be a holistic response. Otherwise there will be an erosion of progress.” - Lauren Whitehead, BRAC.

Speakers: Benjamin Davis, Susan Kondowe, Lauren Whitehead 

Moderator: Colin Andrews 

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