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3.2.10 - RT 10: Universal child benefits: Pathways to universality

The Round-tables allowed organisations working in the field of social protection to propose their topics of interest and engage in an open discussion with experts, while also involving the audience. In these virtual round-tables, current pressing topics derived from experiences with the COVID-19 crisis were discussed by selected experts with a focus on the future of social protection.

Children are twice as likely to live in poverty as adults, yet they often receive less social protection coverage, for example, 2 out of 3 children have no access to child or family benefits. The lifelong impacts of a crisis on learning outcomes, growth, and health of children can be devastating.  Evidence suggests expanding coverage of child benefits is beneficial not only for children, it also contributes towards economic growth and overall well-being of societies. In the context of COVID-19 responses and recovery questions around the practicalities of universal child benefits are ever more pressing. Building on both country experience and cross-country analysis, this round-table looked in detail at the pathways that countries can take to increase social protection coverage for children and families towards universality. 

Speakers: Francesca Bastagli, Stephen Kidd, Daniel Arroyo, Yuba Raj Khatiwada, Olli Kangas 

Moderator: David Stewart 

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