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3.2.1 - RT 1: Health protection and sickness benefits to face pandemics 

The Round-tables allowed organisations working in the field of social protection to propose their topics of interest and engage in an open discussion with experts, while also involving the audience. In these virtual round-tables, current pressing topics derived from experiences with the COVID-19 crisis were discussed by selected experts with a focus on the future of social protection.  

This round-table shed light on the key elements that supported effective responses to COVID-19 by existing health protection systems and highlighted the importance of having a strong system in place to react quickly to pandemics. Access to health services for all and income support for people affected by diseasesare equally important in this regard. Panelists highlighted the importance of strong institutions and entitlements embedded in legal frameworks. 

Country cases showcased some of these important take-aways: South Korea and Vietnam were able to tap onto their SHP systems and Cambodia was able to coordinate cash and care measures effectively through an efficient social protection inter-agency coordination mechanism. 

Speakers: Knut Lönnroth, Marielle Phe Goursat, Dr Hee Chung Kang, Sambo Pheakday, Nguyen Khanh Phuong 

Moderator: Luis Frota 

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