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2.4 Policy in Focus (PiF)

Considering the importance of the discussions held during the e-Conference and the need of keeping promoting knowledge sharing on the topic, so to support a major number of governments, organizations and institutions in their efforts, the socialprotection.org team and the International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth developed two editions of the Policy in Focus (PIF) magazine on the main discussions carried out during the event.

The first PiF magazine brings the key discussions of the global e-conference​, presenting experiences from countries in Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East & North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America & the Caribbean. We also have published a short video presenting its main topics.

The second PiF magazine delves more in-depth into the main topics discussed during the round tables, such as financing, universal basic income, linkages to food security and employment, as well as gender-, child-, and disability-sensitive programmes, among others. All articles were written by panelists and/or organisers of the conference.