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Born to a traditional Hindu family from coastal Andhra Pradesh, Kakinada, India with father retiring from active duty from Indian Railways and mother managing the house, defines my family. Other sibling, my sister is married and staying along with her husband and 2 children in Bangalore, India. I am single. My status of being single is more of a choice rather than a chance. With religious discipline and motives, my practice has given me opportunity to learn and experience more in life. My education has given me an open outlook to look beyond religion and language and firmly places humanity and service above all. I can speak, read and write – English, Hindi, Telugu (MT), Kannada, though other south Indian languages are manageable. I am currently working with SBI General Insurance as Instructional and Content Designer. I have worked in organizations like AXA, ING, Ogilvy & Mather and Johnson & Johnson Ltd., I wish to add value to the society and the place to which I belong in whichever way i can. I wish to share some of my learnings and bring people to the same platform which i am currently living in. I am fortunate enough to get some things in life which many people are not in a position to get. I take this as a reason and feel that i am responsible enough to the society to such an extent of sharing. I can train and teach Language, Basic Hygiene, Living and Lifestyle. I can plan and work on building something and projects involving group behavior. I enjoy being in a part of a group rather than managing singularly. My work involves travel and I leave no opportunity to get to see different place or learn a new thing. Though active employment limits my availability and stretch at which I can volunteer or participate in such activities but still, there are many opportunities which I can utilize.

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