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I'm a senior project manager at the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) at UNDP, where I coordinate the plataform. I’m a journalist and I’ve started my career working as reporter and editor on publications and websites specialized on technology, telecommunications and ICT. I have also worked on digital divide projects training low-income users to take advantage of the Internet, fostering political participation and economic inclusion. All my higher education years have been guided by concerns on the importance of the social, economic and sustainable development. I hold a PhD. in Sciences of Communications from the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, where I have studied the impact of ICT on the socio-economic development of low-income communities in Brazil, a M. Sc. in Sciences of Communications from the University of Montréal, in Canada, where I have analyzed the privatization of the telecom state enterprises in Latin America, especially in Brazil, and its implication with the development of the universal access, and a B. A. in Communications, with a major in Journalism, from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. In Brazil, in 2005, I was responsible for the creation of the Center of Studies on Information and Communication Technologies of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, which in few years became a reference in the production of indicators and studies on the availability and use of the Internet in country, collaborating with the development of public politics related to ICT in Brazil and in Latin America. From 2009 until 2012 I was responsible for coordinating the activities of the Observatory for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean from ECLAC, at United Nations in Santiago, Chile, fostering the development of studies and analysis on the social and economic impact of ICT4D, as well as the monitoring of the MDGs, and its promotion among policy makers, private business and academia. The development of a consistent communications strategy, involving knowledge production and sharing was an important part of my activities. Lately I have worked at Telefonica Foundation managing, monitoring and assessing projects on ICT for innovative education.
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International Organization