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I am a 25 years old brazilian, bachelor in International Relations from UNESP-Franca in Brazil and currently living in Lisbon attending to my master's degree on Development and International Cooperation at Lisbon School of Economics and Management of the University of Lisboa (ISEG-ULisboa). During my graduation I had the opportunity to engage with solidarity economy movement through the Technological Incubator for Popular Cooperatives (ITCP-UNESP,Franca), linked to UNESP Extension Programme (PROeX). This opportunity provided me valuable experience and knowledge in social solidarity economy theory and practice involving social protection programmes, related to legislation, funding mechanisms and a wide variety of themes that solidarity economy comprehends such as income generation, overcoming poverty, cooperativism among others. Beside working as an interns at Franca-SP City Hall as a public policy deployer assistant in a project involving environmental education designed to student aging from 5-18 years old, I also had the opportunity to work as an intern at the United Nations Developement Programme, Brazil's country office (UNDP- Brazil) as communication assistant at Brasília-DF. During this period I was in contact with development and social protection issues and development projects on a global level. This experience was important to acquire communication skills and to expand my comprehension on these areas, being decisive to support decision on attending to my master's degree in Development and International Cooperation. Today, as a associate researcher of Center of Studies on Africa Asia and Latin-America (CEsA - Ulisboa), my concerns areas are focused on the diffusion of poverty reduction public policies through South-South cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean and in Sub-Saharan Africa, regions in which a considerably number of the people in need are concentrated and, at the same time, that presents high potencialities to break the poverty cycle and to overcome their problems reaching human welfare and high development standards.

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