For the year 2018, thanks to credits delegated by the Mission of the International Adoption of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Cooperation and Cultural Action Department of the Embassy of France in Haiti will spend 105,500 Euros to child protection actions.


La Comisión Europea (CE) anunció este jueves la concesión de un nuevo paquete de ayuda humanitaria de emergencia y desarrollo de 35,1 millones de euros para ayudar al pueblo venezolano, así como a los países vecinos afectados por la crisis socioeconómica de ese país.


The European Union (EU) made a contribution of €15 million to the Palestinian Authority payment of social allowances to poor families in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, according to an EU press release. It will contribute to payments made to around 65,839 families of which 80% live in the Gaza Strip.


Some 70 new centers for emergency social services will be launched and developed nationwide by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20, 2019), Reza Ja’fari, the director of Emergency Social Services Organization, has said.


In the aftermath of the Asian financial crises, the Indonesian government launched a subsidized rice program called RASKIN in 1998 to moderate the shocks of food price inflation and reduced employment to poor households. The program has been continued since then with an objective to provide food security to poor families and is currently the largest in-kind transfer in Indonesia. Using data from five rounds of the Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS) covering the period of 1993–2014, this paper examines the impact of RASKIN on children’s health status.


Democratic Republic of the Congo: Country Profile

For more than two decades, the DRC has experienced a multifaceted humanitarian crisis: large-scale displacement due to armed conflicts (3.8 million internally displaced persons, with 621,711 DRC refugees residing in African countries); a deterioration in the...

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Jordan has the second-largest ratio of refugees to citizens in any country in the world and the fifth-largest refugee population in absolute terms. According to the inter-agency Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) for 2015, 86% of Syrian refugees are...

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Although considerable progress has been registered in some key development indicators, poverty, chronic food and nutrition insecurity remains prevalent in Malawi. Apart from producing adverse effects on human development, and on the economy 10.3% of Malawi’s...

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Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa with a population of 39.5 million, of which 51% are children. Although Sudan is a Lower Middle-Income Country, vast regional disparities exist. Sudan faces a national debt of US$45 billion, 33% inflation, and US...

Due to its geographic location, the Philippines is vulnerable to disasters, such as tropical cyclones and storm surges. As such, the adoption of an adaptive social protection (ASP), which intersects social protection (SP), climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction, is necessary to ensure the success of SP and poverty reduction efforts in the country.