Paternity benefits

See Maternity benefits

Pilot Project

A pilot project is “a small-scale project undertaken in an effort to determine whether a larger-scale project should be undertaken at a later date.” Barrientos, A. et al (2010). ‘Social Assistance in Developing Countries Database’, Chronic Poverty Research Centre (accessed 16 June 2015).

Poverty line

"An income level that is considered minimally sufficient to sustain a family in terms of food, housing, clothing, medical needs, and so on."

Private Health Insurance

“Under private health insurance schemes buyers voluntarily purchase insurance from private, independent, competing sellers who charge premiums that reflect the buyer’s risks rather than their ability to pay. Private insurers can be both for profit and not for profit. These insurance purchases can be made by groups and individuals.” World Bank (n.d.) ‘Private Health Insurance’, World Bank (accessed 16 June 2015).

Programme Design

“The design of a social transfer programme requires decisions on management, payment arrangements, exit policies and the foundation for monitoring and evaluation. In addition, the question of targeting is a major design issue (…) Management decisions involve identifying the agency, ministry or department responsible for the administration of the programme, as well as making arrangements to organise and supervise implementation.” Samson, M. et al (2010). Designing and Implementing Social...

Programme Graduation

“‘Graduation’ refers to the notion that receipt of social transfers should be time-bound, if possible, often with complementary interventions put in place that enable recipients to support themselves at some stage – without needing transfers indefinitely. People who can ‘graduate’ are those who are able to work but require temporary assistance.” Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (2010). ‘Frontiers of Social Protection Brief’, Development Pathways (accessed 16 June 2015).

Programme Implementation

Programme “Implementation involves building systems and putting them into operation, as well as overcoming bottlenecks and correcting design flaws in the process. Flexible and adaptable procedures will expedite implementation. (…) Once the social analysis and political decision-making process determines the defining features of the social transfer programme, the managing institution must begin the technical process of building delivery systems (…). Samson, M. et al (2010). Designing and...

Proxy Means Test (Targeting Method)

Proxy means test “(…) consists in targeting individuals/households below a given threshold set scoring and weighting observable characteristics as proxies for given measures of well-being.” Cirillo, C., Györi, M., Veras Soares, F. (2015, forthcoming). ‘Targeting Social Protection and Agricultural Interventions – The potential for synergies’, IPC-IG Working Paper, forthcoming July 2015.

Public work programmes

“Public works programmes are a subset of social protection programmes, generally defined as public labour‐intensive infrastructure development initiatives which provide cash or food‐based payments. Such programmes have a number of potential technical and political attributes. They provide income transfers to the poor through employment and are often designed to smooth income particularly during ‘slack’ or ‘hungry’ periods of the year and they often build infrastructure, such as rural roads,...

Purchases from smallholder farmers

Purchases from smallholder farmers have the aim “to support smallholder farmers in one of the most difficult aspects of the productive process: gaining market access for the produce they grow”. They “allow farmers to sell their produce to local public institutions such as hospitals, community canteens, food banks, orphanages and charities, without the need for a public bidding process.” IPC-IG (2013). ‘Structured Demand and Smallholder Farmers in Brazil: the Case of PAA and PNAE’, IPC-IG (...