TRANSFORM is an innovative learning package on the administration of national social protection floors in Africa. It encompasses learning materials and methods for adult learning, to help decision makers and practitioners take ownership in building national social protection systems through continuous learning and reflective practice.


Transforming social protection systems requires more than absorbing pre-fabricated knowledge, to fill heads with any given content. Learning requires the ability to grapple with complexity of social and human elements in specific contexts, to stimulate creativity and innovation to solve emerging new problems, to appreciate diversity and uniqueness of each situation, to be involved and take ownership in change and transformation – elements which are at least as important as the factual knowledge itself. This learning package aims at just that: Transform!


To build critical thinking and capacities of policy makers and practitioners at national and decentralized levels to improve the design, governance and administration of social protection systems.


TRANSFORM is targeted at practitioners in the field of social protection looking to enrich their knowledge base and embark in a leadership and transformation process. The package aims at three different “user groups”:

  • Political level - political decision making
  • Senior technical - strategic level
  • Mid-/lower technical operational level


The pedagogical approach is based on the principle that everyone involved in the training can take leadership for change at different levels of a social protection system, and can contribute to transforming that system.