Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Protection in Cash Based Interventions - Interviews with Richard Nunn and Lou Lasap

As part of an ECHO-funded Enhanced Response Capacity grant, UNHCR in partnership with WFP, Oxfam GB and the Cash Learning Partnership held an inter-agency workshop on cash and protection in Nairobi on the 10-12th March. The workshop brought together cash and protection practitioners to reflect upon protection in their cash-based interventions (CBI) experience, discuss how protection can be better integrated into tools for CBI, and develop protection objectives for CBI. Richard Nunn, Oxfam GB regional protection advisor, and Lou Lasap, Oxfam GB Cash and Protection officer seconded to UNHCR to support inter-agency cash and protection in East Africa, provide some insights on the event and explore how cash transfer programming can contribute to protection outcomes beyond the “do no harm”... Read More