Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Indian State Minister setting up Regional Vocational Training to boost women's skill development

Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan today said his ministry is in the process of setting up six Regional Vocational Training Institutes (RVTI) in various states with an aim to boost skill development opportunities among women. "To ensure this (women training and empowerment), we have a target of setting up one RVTI in each state. MSDE is presently running 17 such institutes across India. Apart from Hyderabad, six new RVTIs will be established each in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Patna, Goa and Tamil Nadu," Pradhan said in statement issued during the inauguration. Skill training exclusively for women is being provided through the network of 11 central government institutions and 1,408 state women ITIs and women wings in general ITIs and besides... Read More