Health Insurance

“Financial protection against the health care costs arising from disease or accidental bodily injury. Such insurance usually covers all or part of the costs of treating the disease or injury. Insurance may be obtained on either an individual or a group basis.” WHO (2004). ‘A Glossary of Terms for Community Health Care and Services for Older Persons’, WHO (accessed 18 June 2015).

Housing subsidies

Housing subsidies are mainly divided in two kinds: supply-side and demand-side subsidies. “Traditional supply-side housing programs include government-built public housing and other so-called “bricks and mortar” subsidies given to the producers of housing, including, for example, subsidized financing, contributions of land and materials, and tax credits and deductions.” Demand-side subsidies, on the other hand, consist mainly of “capital grants and allowances targeted to poor households (…) In...

Human Rights

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Humanitarian Aid

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