General Revenue Health Systems

“General tax revenue is an important source of financing health care in low, middle and high income countries although government's capacity to raise general revenues is strongly correlated with income. This revenue can come from a variety of taxes - income and profit taxes, value-added and sales taxes, taxes on imports and taxes on profits from the sale of natural resources (minerals, oil, timber – etc). (…) General tax revenue is used to support a wide range of government programs including...

Geographical Targeting (Targeting Method)

Geographical targeting selects as beneficiaries “only the individuals living in a certain area (…)”. Cirillo, C., Györi, M., Veras Soares, F. (2015, forthcoming). ‘Targeting Social Protection and Agricultural Interventions – The potential for synergies’, IPC-IG Working Paper, forthcoming July 2015.


See Programme Graduation .

Grievance redress mechanisms

Also known as “Feedback and Complaints mechanisms ”, they “refer to the formal institutions and channels that capture beneficiary complaints or grievances related to targeting, service delivery, or other program functions, and provide redress. Grievance redress is an important element of managing a targeted program, particularly when cash is involved. Grievance redress mechanisms can be important for mitigating inclusion and exclusion errors and for monitoring corruption.” Bassett, L.,...