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The TRANSFORM learning package on Leadership and Transformation Curriuculum on Building and Managing Social Protection Floors in Africa was initiated and has been coordinated by the International Labour Organization with the financial assistance of Irish Aid, the Project “Building National Floors of Social Protection in Southern Africa”. This project comprises practical assistance to countries in the Southern African region with specific economic feasibility studies, legal expertise, support to national dialogue processes and advice on the governance and administrative aspects of implementing national social protection floors, reflecting the principles of ILO Recommendation R.202 (2012) on National Floors of Social Protection.

Grounded in a regional peer learning process, the ILO/Irish Aid project included, from its onset, the objective of developing an innovative training package on the implementation of National Social Protection Programs adapted to the regional context. The first trial of the training package was held in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015, with participation from UNICEF, EU-SPS and social protection professionals from 7 African countries. During this first trial it was agreed that a consultative group be created. The group is responsible for advising on the decisions regarding the future developments of this training package. The consultative group includes the following members: ILO, UNICEF, UNDP, EU Social Protection Systems Programme (EU-SPS), Irish Aid, and the International Training Centre – ILO.