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The IPC-IG is a global forum for South-South dialogue on innovative development policies guided by a partnership agreement between the Government of Brazil, represented by the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management (MP) and the Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The IPC-IG’s mandate is to promote the production and dissemination of studies and policy recommendations, the exchange of best practices in development initiatives and the expansion of South–South cooperation.

A leading voice for inclusive growth in and for the Global South

Since its foundation in 2004, the Centre has been providing services and tools to strengthen institutional capacities of governments of the South; this includes working with issues of social protection, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of public policies.


The IPC-IG's mission is to promote policy dialogue and facilitate learning between developing countries around innovative social policies for inclusive growth. The innovative approaches to South South Cooperation carried out by the Centre revolve around three pillars:

  • Knowledge Production: carrying out research and studies, such as policy analysis and evaluations;
  • Knowledge Sharing: facilitating the exchange of innovative experiences and initiatives among countries of the South:
  • Capacity Strengthening: providing and facilitating the collaborative construction of capacity-building activities and flows of knowledge among countries of the South.