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General Authority For Supply Commodities (GASC) activates the local and international market mechanism in order to procure the strategic commodities needed by the state so as to realize the following targets:

  • Improving productivity and raising up the agricultural production efficiency.
  • Developing marketing and promotional services.
  • Establishing strategic governmental food stock.
  • Achieving structural suitability within the state marketing system.
  • Creating competitiveness, prohibiting monopoly and making the local market balanced.  

The policy Of GASC

 GASC is considered one of the economic entities vested with the following tasks:

  • Procuring the supply commodities, within the framework of subsidy plan adopted by the state, to meet the needs of  the broad strata of the limited income class of people.
  • Playing its role to keep the local market balanced by the way of controlling the quantity and price of home trade, so as to maintain food security and prevent monopoly practices.
  • Supplying, whether by importation or by local procurement, basic commodities decreed by the ministry of supply and internal trade along with any other commodity monopolized within the local market.

 GASC, through the subsidies made available by the ministry of finance, spends a lot of money on the commodities commissioned to secure. Subsidy sum is the difference between the cost of product and its marketing price.


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