Jeudi, 9 Novembre 2017

Microhousing: A new promise for the homeless

The Gaekwad family lives in a single-room house on the outskirts of a city. The family cooks their food, eats it and sleeps in the same room. This room is also used as a play area by their three-year-old child. Lack of credit has prevented the Gaekwads from obtaining a loan to improve their living conditions. There are millions of low-income families who live in overcrowded, inadequate and unsafe shacks made of wood and corrugated steel, crammed between dusty paths and open sewers. A decent habitat and sheltered environment for low-income families can improve their well-being and catalyse overall economic growth. There is little more critical to a family’s quality of life than a healthy and safe living space. It is thus critical to recognise housing investment as a fundamental building... En savoir plus