Key Steps for Nutrition-Sensitive Social Protection

Integrating social protection and nutrition interventions can help support the development of human capital and well-being. However, synergies across these sectors do not come automatically.

In collaboration with the Executive Director’s Office of the Russian Federation, SecureNutrition and the World Bank Global Solutions Groups on Safety Nets and Nutrition invite you to a presentation by Harold Alderman, a Senior Research Fellow at IFPRI and an author of the consequential 2013 Lancet article, ”Nutrition-sensitive interventions and programmes: how can they help to accelerate progress in improving maternal and child nutrition?” He will outline the logic for prioritizing nutrition-sensitive programs in the current development landscape, and discuss how safety nets — which support some 1.9 billion people worldwide — can help achieve global nutrition and poverty targets.

The presentation will touch on targeting for nutritionally vulnerable groups, impact of cash transfer vs in-kind programs, evidence around school feeding, linking nutrition to consumer behavior and demand, and how food, health, and care can be represented in safety net programs. The event will include comments from World Bank leadership in human development, social protection, and nutrition, as well as team insights from programs ongoing in Mexico and Armenia. Audience members will have an opportunity for Q&A with all the speakers. 

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