8th European Conference for Social Work Research

The over-arching theme of the European Conference on Social Work Research 2018 is Social work in transition: challenges for social work research in a changing local and global world.

The sub themes are:

  • Social work in changing political landscapes (e.g. Brexit/Scottish Independence referendum; other political developments across Europe)  
  • Social work in contexts of social upheaval and changing communities  (e.g. with refugees and asylum seekers; in the aftermath of conflict; in poverty)
  • Research methodologies and methods to meet the needs of social work in a changing world (including knowledge exchange/theory to practice)
  • Social work education in transitional contexts and social work as transitional practice (exploring transitions and innovations in social work practice in social work practice and for service users locally and globally)
  • Social work history, identity and practice in changing times and across varied contexts (family; sexuality; disability; ethnicity etc.)