Harnessing Youth Potential in Ghana: A Policy Note

This policy note provides a view of the main challenges facing Ghana youth and proposes policy options to address them. The note: (i) highlights youth key characteristics from the perspective of their skills and jobs and the constraints they face, (ii) describes the institutional set up and strategy governing youth employment interventions in Ghana and what is known about existing initiatives in Ghana, and (iii) proposes policy avenues going forward and the particular role the government can play. Because implementing such policies will prove a daunting task for any government, prioritization is critical. The analysis attempts to structure policy priorities with a proposed sequencing around short-term policy options, or quick gains in the first year; and medium-term program reform options, which may take longer. This note is mainly targeted to the National Youth Authority (NYA) within Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations (MELR), and to the Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS), in charge of the policy making process on youth employment, as well as all their implementing partners within and outside the government as identified in the 2014-2017 National Youth Policy action plan.