WorldPensionSummit 2015 | Building Better Pensions

With our 2015 WorldPensionSummit theme we would like to address and present new insights and thoughts to improve and innovate pensions. Professionalizing the industry is essential, as we are facing a transition of risk to the participants, a retreating role of governments and a sober social security program. So we are facing new roles and responsibilities for the individual, the employer and all actors involved in our (financial) life cycle planning and management. On the other hand we need to build more efficient and transparent solutions. Pensions will grow gradually into an individual commitment, securing personal financial continuity throughout one's lifetime. Essential discussions can be expected around e.g. base discipline of the participants (saving), a fair contribution to plans, efficiency and transparency, solidarity between generations, best governance structures, etc. We can learn from best practices from around the world. Emerging economies leap-frog on developments and implement new scheme's, new ideas where the 'old economies‘ could learn from. Countries with a long lasting pension structure can share key values and how to manage transition from one generation to the other. Sharing the expertise makes WPS a truly global 'learning experience' for senior pension professionals from around the world.We welcome your input and ideas very much as well as we aim to build the best program possible, for-and-by global pension professionals.