International Conference 'Leaving no one behind – making the case for adolescent girls'

The International Fund for Agricultural Development and Save the Children Italy are hosting an international conference entitled “Leaving no one behind – making the case for adolescent girls”, which will be held on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 October 2018 at IFAD headquarters, Rome, Italy.

The conference will highlight the importance of investing in adolescents to ensure that they grow up and are educated in a healthy and safe environment to prevent the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty. 

Adolescent girls, especially if undernourished and stunted, are more likely to die in childbirth, at greater risk to be left nutritionally depleted and to give birth to malnourished children, affecting the latter’s development and future productivity. The conference will focus on interventions and holistic approaches to fight against early marriage and early pregnancies, with special attention to youth empowerment initiatives, considered through a nutrition lens. 

The purpose of this event aims at sustaining on-going momentum of identifying solutions to break the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition, and to contribute to the achievement of the global nutrition goals and objectives of the United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition.

Institutions, practitioners, technical specialists, academia and civil society organizations will join the conference and contribute to the debate.