Inter-regional Expert Group meeting “Public policies for equality and the Agenda 2030”

This Inter-regional Expert Group meeting is carried out in the framework of two United Nations Development Account projects aimed at promoting public policies oriented towards greater socio-economic equality and strengthening the capacities of countries to conceptualize, design and implement such policies: the 8th Tranche project “Time for Equality: Strengthening the Institutional Framework of Social Policies” and the 9th Tranche project “Promoting Equality: Strengthening the Capacity of Select Developing Countries to Design and Implement Equality-oriented Public Policies and Programmes”.

The objective of this Inter-regional Expert Group Meeting (EGM) is threefold:

1) Discussing and exchanging experiences on the contribution of public policies to greater socio-economic equality within countries, in the framework of the new Agenda 2030. Particular emphasis will be placed on social protection, labour and fiscal policies.

All the presentations of the meeting are alreasy available in the main website.


2) Discussing and exchanging experiences on the measurement of socio-economic inequalities.

3) Presenting and discussing a new toolkit of policy and programme options for social protection systems, titled “Towards universal social protection. Latin American pathways and policy tools”.

In particular, the results of these discussions will inform the preparation of toolkits on the design and implementation of equality-oriented public policies and programmes and on the analysis and measurement of socio-economic inequalities, envisaged by the 9th Tranche United Nations Development Account project “Promoting Equality”. The purpose of this project is to promote the key role of equality in development and to foster the exchange of experiences in this respect among different regions of the world. Additionally, it is hoped that these discussions will contribute to promote and sustain a multisectoral approach to the United Nations’ analytical and policy work on inequality in the framework of the Agenda 2030.

The focus of this inter-regional EGM will be on discussing issues and exchanging ideas related to public policies and measurement of inequalities and the Agenda 2030. The format of the EGM thus envisages very brief presentations (10 minutes) followed by discussion among participants. Participants are expected to be UN Staff from Regional Commissions (ECA, ECE, ECLAC, ESCAP, ESCWA) and DESA, as well as experts from academia and national governments.

The EGM will count with English/Spanish interpretation.