15th ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security

Successful management of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is essential to the implementation of innovative solutions to address rapidly evolving social security needs and expectations. Emerging technologies open new service delivery possibilities that seemed futuristic only a few years ago. However, failure in keeping up with latest developments or in implementation can have serious enterprise-wide consequences, reaching the political level when impacting on the capacity to meet public expectations. ICT is not only a matter of interest for the involved professionals and specialists but has also become of strategic importance for CEOs and decision makers in social security institutions.

ISSA member institutions have ranked ICT and the technological transition as one of their most important global challenges. The ISSA International Conference on Information and Communication Technology in Social Security, as the only specialized global event for ICT in social security, will provide answers. This world-class event, held every three years, will be a unique opportunity for the analysis, discussion and sharing of the most promising opportunities and challenges facing social security institutions and their management of ICT.

The conference, which will bring together over 300 participants, is aimed at Chief Information Officers (CIOs), ICT managers and experts of social security institutions. Importantly, it is also aimed at the large and increasing number of CEOs and decision makers from social security institution who consider ICT is a top priority and look for first-hand knowledge of ICT to compare notes and gain insights from peers. The event will include presentations by international organizations and renowned experts.