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The Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is a distinct region in terms of its ethnic, cultural and environmental diversity to the rest of Bangladesh. Their funtions are:

  1. Administrative work of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts
  2. Advisory Support to Chittagong Hill Tracts local governments in selected issues
  3. Coordination among concerned ministries and departments
  4. Secretarial support for all council committee, special committee and working committee related to Chittagong Hill Tracts
  5. Advisory support, monitoring and implementation to Government and different committees
  6. Preparation of planning and development activities for government and Chittagong Hill Tracts
  7. Implementation of works taken for the development of Chittagong Hill Tracts regional council and district council
  8. Implementation of works in accordance with the traditional laws of Chittagong Hill Tracts upazila council, Municipality, Union council,village council and other local government
  9. Coordination among all concerned government agencies to protect the environment and geological aspects of Chittagong Hill Tracts
  10. Development work for the betterment of the Tribal and non tribal people of Chittagong Hill Tracts economic, education, culture, social activities, language, religious indigenous activities.
  11. Running and coordination of relief and rehabilitation work during disaster period in Chittagong Hill Tracts
  12. Monitoring work of NGO activities in Chittagong Hill Tracts
  13. Monitoring and coordination of Chittagong Hill Tractsregional council and all local government council's development work and coordination of all inter ministries/ Departments development works
  14. Administration of Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board
  15. Chittagong Hill Tracts related issues of International Centre for integrated mountain development (ICIMOD)
  16. Liaison among Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts and other concern international organizations and other international issues
  17. Preparation of Laws related to the ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts
  18. Inquiry and statistical issues of ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts