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Leadership and Transformation Curriculum on Building and Managing Social Protection Floors in Africa

27th March – 31st March and 3rd – 5th April

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Social Protection is a key instrument for the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDG’s). It is a necessity for social justice, equitable and inclusive economic development – a key role and task of successful nation states.

Many training curricula exist in the field of social protection, and thus fundamental ideas, concepts, approaches and techniques in this area are accessible. And yet, we recognise how people and institutions struggle with the actual practice of building and managing comprehensive social protection systems.

The complexity is expressed in handling big number of interdependent elements, agents and relationships, the use of standardized systems with attention to individual situations,  and the understanding that technical solutions do not suffice alone; evidence based decisions are taken in the context of public dialogue.

This complexity requires a transformational approach to teaching and knowledge sharing. It is far from enough to impart knowledge. To grapple with complexity, learners need to reflect and exercise critical thinking on current practices, they need to appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each context.

The Knowledge Foundation

This curriculum builds on a set of foundational texts: the base documents. These documents constitute the knowledge basis and ensure a technically solid curriculum. They provide a wealth of information to the learner to be consulted and mined at every stage of the learning process. The teaching part will be selective and put emphasis and focus on certain elements and aspects. They are a source to deal with tasks, situations and challenges.

A focus on Leadership & Transformation

The leadership and transformation concept is a strategic response to dealing with information sharing and transformative challenges critical for efficient and effective management of SP systems. The overall goal of Leadership and Transformation is to facilitate both greater awareness, and strengthen abilities to lead and engage in participatory change processes throughout the various levels of national social protection governance and administration systems.