An Introduction to TRANSFORM

Background information on the TRANSFORM Social Protection Learning Package.

Legal Frameworks - Summary Document

This summary module deals with the core question of how a country can set up a legal framework that provides for social benefits paid from general government revenue.

Selection and Identification - Summary Document

The summary version of the module on Social Protection Selection Processes is informed by the more detailed manual on Social Protection Selection Processes. The summary is informed by three main social protection selection thematic areas: • Targeting:...

Administration and Delivery Systems - Summary Document

This summary module is based on the full base document on Administration and Delivery Systems. Irrespective of the type of programme, administration is the backbone of a comprehensive social protection system. It ensures the provision of social protection...

Coordination - Summary Document

The design and implementation of a social protection system will require coordination among all of the different organizations involved in the provision of social protection services and transfers.

Governance, Institutions & Organizational Structure - Summary Document

This Module aims to provide a detailed overview of the governance framework for the delivery of non-contributory social protection schemes.

Management and Information Systems - Summary Document

This summary module’s key objectives are to: • Increase the understanding that national social protection actors have of programme MIS and approaches to integration; and • Support social protection actors in the preparation of roadmaps for the development of...

Monitoring and Evaluation - Summary Document

This summary module deals with Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Protection Systems and Programmes.