For more than two decades, the DRC has experienced a multifaceted humanitarian crisis: large-scale displacement due to armed conflicts (3.8 million internally displaced persons, with 621,711 DRC refugees residing in African countries); a deterioration in the socio- economic situation; violations of human rights; landslides and massive flooding over large cities; various epidemics (Ebola, polio, measles and cholera); and malnutrition.

Humanitarian actors are responding through the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRMP), protection cluster monitoring, and other active clusters. The Safety Nets Review indicated that SP programs in the DRC are isolated and achieve low coverage. At the operational level, these programs are shared among several institutions and use distinct management, targeting, and monitoring-evaluation approaches and tools. Programs include: cash transfers, in-kind social safety nets, fee exemptions, public works,  social assistance and social services. 

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