UNICEF’s upcoming publication, South-South Cooperation in Action (SSCiA) for Children, will demonstrate the process of knowledge curation and how South-South Cooperation/Horizontal Cooperation (SSC/HC) can be a powerful tool that supports programme implementation to achieve results for children. Examples of programme good practices and solutions that prominently featured SSC/HC were also featured in UNICEF’s first publication on South-South Cooperation for Children (February 2018).

The upcoming publication, SSCiA for children, will showcase thematic case studies including on ECD, WASH, Migration and programme tools and innovations. This work is ongoing and evolving.

Here is our current shortlist of country examples to be included in the ECD case study:

  1. Chile Crece Contigo experience
  2. Argentina’s experience of ECD including the ECD global initiative for the G20 presidency of the Government of Argentina
  3. Collaboration between Sao-Tome and Principe (STP) and University in Brazil to strengthen ECD in STP
  4. Morocco’s experience of ECD
  5. Asia Billion Brains initiative

At this time we are seeking additional examples from ECD that demonstrate the key role of SSC in achieving results for children. We are also looking for information on SSC methodologies that have been used in the ECD sector effectively. Thank you!