Thursday, May 24, 2018

http://socialprotection.org/cop-ssc4c-thematic-webinar-how-south-south-cooperation-contributes-achieving-sdg-6-ensuring-accessCoP-SSC4C is arranging its first thematic webinar focused on the sector of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): 

How South-South Cooperation contributes to achieving the SDG 6 of ensuring access of all to clean water and sanitation? 

The purpose of this webinar is to connect practitioners and provide an opportunity to discuss how the achievement of SDG 6 can be furthered through South-South Cooperation (SSC). As a development partnership model, SSC has facilitated cross-country exchanges through a number of modalities such as study visits, communities of practice and systematic exchange of technical assistance that has promoted the transfer of solutions and good practices. As highlighted with examples from WCARO in the publication South-South Cooperation for Children, SSC has provided a low-cost model of replicating and scaling up successful practices in projects aimed at the provision safe drinking water.

Given this background, this thematic webinar will focus on WASH, and include case studies within a framework of how challenges within the thematic area can be addressed through the sharing of knowledge and how good practices and solutions can be scaled up through South-South Cooperation. For example, how using a SSC tool such as online Communities of Practice like the “WASH in Schools Network”, can bring people with a common field of practice and objective together to share and learn together to increasing the effectiveness in their field work.

The webinar will provide a platform and opportunity to exchange lessons learned and discuss how SSC can facilitate exchange and scaling up of good practices and solutions in the thematic area of WASH, by having practitioners sharing experiences and providing inputs on good practices and challenges related to WASH and the promotion of children’s rights and welfare.

Questions guiding the webinar will be such as how can SSC modalities contribute to ensuring access to clean water and sanitation?
What lesson can be learnt from good practices and how do we exchange them? What challenges are there in scaling up successful projects contributing to the achievement of SDG 6?  

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