Dear members of The Child Allowance Online Community,


The team would like to invite you to present yourself to the other members of this community! Here you can share more details about where you are from, and what’s is your experience in the area of child allowances.


We look forward to getting to know you!


Dear members of The Child Allowance Online Community,

My name is Raquel Tebaldi, I am from Brazil and I am an intern at IPC-IG, where I carry out research about social protection. I have done some research about child allowances, but I'm still learning a lot about this specific topic, so I am looking forward to the next webinars of the series!

I hope we can all learn a bit more about child allowances within this community, especially about their poverty alleviation impacts and their role in breaking the intergenerational poverty cycle. 



My name is João Hernani Vasconcelos and I am a 28 years old brazilian living in Brasília! 

During my life I had the opportunity to live in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia working with topics related to social development, but unfortunately nothing specific on Child Allowances.   

I am a team member of and I am very much looking forward to learn with you!