Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow Ambassadors! 


Dear Fellow Ambassadors!
I am truly happy to join you all and contribute to social protection online platform. My name is Dilipsing Bayas holds a MA in Economics. I have  over 9 years of experience in the field of Knowledge Management (KM) with international organizations (UN) and government (State and National) agencies. Key expertise areas are applying the tools and procedures of a knowledge audit (KA), providing recommendations and steps for creating KM action plan and building local capacity to implement it. Designing a KM Strategy and developing a training program and manual. I am looking forward to learn and share with you all. Best, Dilipsing

Hello Dilipsing,

Am pleased to meet you and i trust we would have a robust experience sharing. 

Many thanks for the introduction.

Hassan Yusuf

Thank You Hassan!  Truly appreciated your kind words and looking forward to learn from as you've experience. Best, Dilipsing 

Dear Ambassadors,

My name is Hassan Yusuf, from Nigeria. I believe we share a common interest - promoting social protection in all regions of the world.

I was part of the recently past ambassador program, and the experience was satisfactorily educating. I am a lawyer by training and i have had several engagements with different development partners in my country. I must confess, being an ambassador on this platform gave me a kind of 'software' tool for clarity of thought as relates to social protection. Most of us did not fully appreciate the value of being socialprotection.org ambassadors representing our regions. The socialprotection.org team however is very dedicated and they guided us through, one lesson at a time.

Like one big family, we were able to understand the worth of our contributions and that made our tasks seem a lot easier. I am happy to be here and i look forward to having a swell time with everyone. 

Thank so very much,

Hassan Yusuf

Dear fellow ambassadors,
My name is Msugh Moses Atser. Am from Nigeria, benue state precisely. I have a degree in psychology and masters in development studies. I work with ministry of women affairs and social development under the vulnerable children department as the monitoring and evaluation officer. Social protection is what we do at my place of work, and I was overjoyed to be selected to be here. This is my first experience here, am looking forward to learn from my fellow ambassadors on their previous experience here and I will also be glad to share what i know. Thank you once again.

Dear Fellow Ambassadors. 

Good morning, This is Mr. Hyung Suk Kim from Korean Embassy. 

First of all, I was delighted to accepting me as an ambassador. I hope we can creat many other changes in the world toward better world and better people. 

But, I have one question. On the list of name of Ambassadors, I can not find my name there.. Anyway, Now I am talking with Paula Ayumi, there must be technical problems. 

Look forward to working all of you! 

Thank you

Kind regards


Hi all,

Nice to get to know you and sorry for my late response, it appears that emails about discussions in this community ended up in my spam box!

As you all can see, my name is Roeland. I am currently living in the UK (Scotland) where I am studying for me PhD. My focus is on cash transfers in Southern Africa and in particular I look at Malawi and Lesotho as case studies. The objective of my research is to gain a better understanding of how the power relations between different stakeholders affect the way cash transfers are designed and implemented - and this is what I will be blogging about! I just completed several months of fieldwork in each country and now I get to process everything. If anyone is curious about my work, just read my blogs or write me a message!