This Online Community is dedicated to's Ambassadors Programme. It allows Ambassadors to communicate among and between Working Groups and access and share relevant documents for productive dialogue and capacity building. This Community is only accessible to Ambassadors from the fourth edition. Ambassadors are encouraged to share their activities and networks to enhance collaboration and engagement. Enjoy the various Community features including the Discussion and Document tools, displayed on the left, to support the accomplishment of assignments.

What is the Ambassadors Programme?

It is an online volunteer programme, operated via the United Nations Volunteer website, whereby individuals apply to participate in activities related to providing content, knowledge exchange and networking as well as promotion of The Programme has a 6 month duration, seeing the biannual selection of Ambassadors from around the world.

What do Ambassadors do?

They actively participate in content provision; online discussions; webinars, Online Communities, disseminating and promoting the platform and inviting their networks to engage in social protection knowledge exchange and capacity building within a region.

What is the Objective?

  • To ensure up-to-date and relevant content concerning the Ambassador’s regional or thematic interests are available on the site.
  • To promote and provide opportunities for engagement with the’s interactive features.
  • To increase visibility of within the Ambassador’s region and/or network.