International Social Security Conference - ‘Future of Work: Preparing for Tomorrow Today’

- A premier networking platform to promote constructive exchange of ideas and knowledge on new trends affecting the work landscape.

- Gain deeper understanding on profound changes in the world of work, driven by disruptive technologies and breakthrough in traditional work order.

- Explore new opportunities for both organisations and individuals in the future of work, particularly on the rise of the gig economy, rapid adaption of AI and how to prepare the workplace for rapid changes in the 21st century.

- Discover how the AI plays a vital role in changing the business model of corporations as well as in serving the changing demands and needs of the customers.

- Discover ways to respond effectively to ensure social protection ecosystem constantly stays relevant in line with the latest developments in the marketplace.

- Meet world-class thinkers and experts who will share insights on why the future is better than what the people on the street think by recognising ways to turn scarcity into abundance.