CaLP Core Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) Skills for Technical Programme Design and Quality in Nairobi, Kenya

This 5 day face-to-face course is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of humanitarian practitioners focusing on the technical design and quality of CTP. This course targets technical staff responsible for leading and overseeing the design and monitoring of cash transfer programmes. This group might include technical specialists from many sectors, including but not limited to specialists in food security, livelihoods, WASH and shelter. The course has a technical and programmatic perspective and includes examples from multiple sectors.

The objectives of this course are to be able to:

- Demonstrate how to design, implement and monitor cash transfer programmes to ensure quality

- Identify and mitigate the programmatic risks of using CTP

- Make technical and programmatic decisions for designing and implementing CTP across sectors

- Produce, for the programme side, organisation-level standard operating procedures (SOPs) for designing and delivering CTP

- Identify the complementarity of functions within programme and operations teams needed for high quality CTP