Academy on Social Security


The Academy on Social Security offers a unique opportunity to benefit from a diversified training package on the governance and financing, reform and extension of social protection systems. Participants will tailor-make their own two-week course by choosing from several elective courses, and will benefit from an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

Target audience

The course is designed for officials committed to furthering social protection with innovative, practical methods and techniques. More precisely, (1) managers, planners, advisers and professionals working in social security institutions, (2) policy planners and officials from key ministries responsible for the development and monitoring of social protection systems, (3) representatives of the social partners involved in the governance of social security institutions and (4) practitioners and consultants of UN agencies working on social protection.


The Academy on Social Security is the most comprehensive training package delivered by the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC-ILO) in the field of social protection. Through a diversified and needdriven course curriculum of 20 elective courses and 9 plenary sessions, the Academy addresses a wide range of topics such as the extension of social protection, efficient governance, sustainable financing and reform options with some of the best lecturers on these topics.

Over a two-week period, participants have the opportunity to take advantage of a rich and flexible learning programme, which guarantees a steep learning curve in an international environment of knowledge exchange and provides a unique opportunity for networking with a large pool of social security experts.

With more than five billion people lacking adequate social security, the adoption of a landmark ILO Recommendation concerning national floors of social protection calls for providing people with essential health care and benefits, as well as basic income security constituting national social protection floors.

The Academy is designed to enhance the capacity of key actors involved in the social protection sector to build comprehensive and efficient national social protection systems. The ITC-ILO has been playing a key role in the provision of training and capacity building to many stakeholders in the development sector for several decades now. Our direct access to the knowledge bank of the International Labour Organization, United Nations and the opportunity of an international exchange of experiences offered by the ITC-ILO to our participants here in Italy, sets us a class apart from other conventional training institutions.